VMBA - It's How We Do Business Here

30 Nov 2016 8:51 AM | Anonymous

"VMBA - It's how we do business here"

Vermont's outdoor recreation infrastructure is incredible. These opportunities bring thousands of visitors here to get their own little slice of Vermont. This appeal has led to great commercial success in many parts of the state. Mountain bikers travel to Vermont to ride on average six or more times each year. While here they buy 2.8 meals out, 2 tanks of gas and 60% seek commercial lodging - we know they like the beer... 

There has been a lot of discussion around bringing the industry back to Vermont, which is great on multiple levels. The desire to bring more business here includes all sorts of enterprise in addition to outdoor brands. Vermont's primary appeal is lifestyle, health, community and connection to place. That appeal is centered on our terrific outdoor recreation infrastructure, which is built and maintained by nonprofits. 

VMBA has developed the Vermont Outdoor Advisory Group. The purpose of this group is to thoughtfully blend commercial ambition with nonprofit purpose and effort, and to thoughtfully bridge these shared priorities with state leadership to enhance Vermont’s capacity to attract new commercial enterprise to our beautiful state. "The goal is to bring these commercial businesses together to co-op great ideas for the governor-elects consideration as part of strengthening our state's economy" Says Tom Stuessy, VMBA's Executive Director. He went on to say, "Ideally we will develop a new businesses culture in Vermont that supports the effort of trail based nonprofits as part of how we do business here. If we can synch .COM ambition with .ORG purpose we can more thoughtfully steward the entire ecosystem of Vermont's outdoor economy."  

The group is off to a great start. VMBA will be sharing more about the group's progress throughout '17. If you're a business owner and would like to learn more about the group's impact, please call Tom at 802.540.2447 x4.  

VTGC Executive Committee: 
Danny Hale 
Executive Director of VASA

Tom Stuessy
Vice Chairman
Executive Director of VMBA

Dani Luce
Operations Director of VASA

Shane Prisby
Trails Manager VAST

VTGC Board Members: 
Amy Kelsey
Executive Director Catamount Trails Association

Breck Knauft
Executive Director Vermont Youth Cnnservation Corps

Mariah Keagy
Vermont Energy Education Program

Tim Tearny
Executive Director Kingtom Trails 

Russell Hirschler
Executive Director Upper Valley Trail Alliance

Contact VTGC: 

14 Don Camp Drive
Barre, VT 05641
(802) 477-5075

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