VMBA Reaches Beyond Vermont

30 Nov 2016 8:53 AM | Anonymous

The NE Mountain Bike Alliance 

Mountain bikers travel to Vermont to ride our sweet singletrack six or more times a year. That is a lot of trail traffic. VMBA has brought multiple Northeast mountain bike organizations together to create more riding opportunities for everyone through expanding partnerships. The purpose of the new Northeast Mountain Bike Alliance is to share association building strategies, promote news, advertise events and guarantee the Northeast is the best riding and most welcoming region to ride in the country. "Expanding our vision of what is possible starts with taking a candid inventory of what we're currently doing and opportunities we may be missing. Every organization approaches development differently and I'm eager to learn from the others' experiences" says Tom Stuessy, VMBA's Executive Director.  

Organizational building is only part of the equation. The entire group has agreed to share reciprocal membership discounts. For example, if a rider becomes a member of JORBA (New Jersey's Mountain Bike organization), the rider can "add" VMBA at a small discount. Stuessy describes this platform as "an opportunity to encourage support from those already riding our trails. It isn't meant to necessarily increase the number of riders on the trails." The group has an active discussion group on Facebook exploring issues from member recruitment to landowner relations. So far ten regional groups have joined the group and the program is expected to launch this spring. For more information about the new group please visit VMBA.ORG

VTGC Executive Committee: 
Danny Hale 
Executive Director of VASA

Tom Stuessy
Vice Chairman
Executive Director of VMBA

Dani Luce
Operations Director of VASA

Shane Prisby
Trails Manager VAST

VTGC Board Members: 
Amy Kelsey
Executive Director Catamount Trails Association

Breck Knauft
Executive Director Vermont Youth Cnnservation Corps

Mariah Keagy
Vermont Energy Education Program

Tim Tearny
Executive Director Kingtom Trails 

Russell Hirschler
Executive Director Upper Valley Trail Alliance

Contact VTGC: 

14 Don Camp Drive
Barre, VT 05641
(802) 477-5075

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